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Liquid Rubber Roofing

What is Liquid Rubber?

  • Liquid Rubber is a seamless membrane that meets the very increasing needs of environmental, health and safety considerations in the industrial/commercial roofing industry
  • Liquid Rubber is applied through a bespoken spray system,which can provide a coverage of 1000 sq/m in under a day
  • no primers or fleeces are required - making it up to five times faster in its application than other liquid systems for roofing
  • it sets in a single, fully bonded membrane with no joints or seams
  • it allows roof movement due to its elasticity
  • Liquid Rubber is perfect for Asbestos and therefore a more cost-effective and safe option than removal of the same 

Key Features

  • Seamless Waterproofing
  • Fully Bonded
  • Brush & Roller/Spray Applied
  • No Flames
  • No Primers
  • Rust Prevention
  • Over Coating


Asbestos & Pitched/Corrugated Roofs
Liquid Rubber Instant Set can extend the life of pitched and asbestos roofs. It provides a rapid waterproofing and encapsulating system to the surface at a rate of up to 300sq/m per day, while causing minimum disruption to the operations within the building below.

Flat Roofs
For larger areas, Liquid Rubber Instant Set delivers a fully bonded, non-hazardous seamless membrane that can cover felt, single-ply, asphalt, timber, concrete, epdm, metal... Virtually any surface. 

Instant Set can provide a quick curing membrane to most gutter surfaces and constructions. Setting instantly on impact, it can provide a shower proof membrane within 15 minutes of application.

Structural Waterproofing
Liquid Rubber Instant Set provides a fast and effective waterproofing solution that can be used on many different structures - from wall and floors, to basement and wet rooms. 

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